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Consulting Services

Most people view change with a mixture of excitement and concern. As leaders, especially if we have been in leadership for awhile, we tend to lean more toward concern and less toward excitement. Usually this is because our experiences of change in the past haven’t been very pleasant. When it comes to the prospect of leading a church through a time of transition, many leaders have come to believe that healthy change may not be possible.

Church leaders may feel ill-equipped and unprepared to lead into and through a time of transition. They often approach the prospect expecting to encounter significant push-back, accompanied by destructive and painful repercussions.

We believe that the Church is essentially a living, breathing organism. As an organism it has certain innate needs and somewhat predictable behavior patterns. Techniques of leadership that work very well for an organization usually aren’t very successful when used to lead an organism.

To help equip the church for times of transition, Re-Missioned offers Vision Consulting assistance in:

  • Re-visioning – how we see ourselves and our world
  • Re-organizing – how we see church leadership
  • Re-missioning – how we see our community
  • Re-laxing – how we see each other – moving from conflict into health

Our vision consulting services are provided on-site at our client’s location, electronically through phone or video conferencing, or a combination of the two. The following describes one of our basic on-site approaches in a church that is seeking to re-vision itself. Each situation is unique, so the approach we suggest to an interested church will vary depending on their specific circumstances.

  • Friday meetings with staff and church leadership
  • Saturday meetings with church members and church leadership
  • Sunday morning service(s) pulpit ministry
  • Monday ministry to staff and leadership with an emphasis on family relationships

We also provide an opportunity for follow-up ministry through on-site visits and conference phone or video calls.

Below is “How To Begin” the process of attaining an individualized proposal for your church.

How To Begin

At Re-Missioned we understand that no two situations are the same. Therefore, no two operational plans are the same. With the information you provide we will do our best to analyze your situation, develop a Customized Services Plan to accomplish your desired goals, and provide you with a cost schedule appropriate to that Plan.  Payment schedules will be discussed at the time we present the proposed Plan and cost estimate.

To begin the process of developing a custom plan for your church please proceed to the Contact Us page, choose a contact option, and follow the instructions provided. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the near future.